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sexy mother fuckers



on sexy summer-like weekend.

reading comic books with my girlfriend here at home,
waiting for my boyfriend to come back home.

Gotta dress up and get ready for the night.
Tonight, we're goingo to a club in Nicho-me!
Can't wait to hang out with my new gay friends!

↑Being Kikokushijyo myself,
I regret why I didn't become a ROCK star like them.

oh man,

Sexy mother fuckers,
they make me jealous.

| 18:49 | comments(27) | - | Posted by : LiLy
Yeah LiLy,
30seconds to mars is damn sexy!!!!
| Side | 2007/05/13 11:26 PM |
Hey, sexy!
You rock as much as they do(> <)
Wish you had a fabulous night at 2 cho-me!!!
| Eri | 2007/05/14 3:46 AM |
yeah, they sure are!!
this song make me wanna scream!!!!


OH, thanks,hun.
2Cho-me was sooooo much fun!!
It was a HipHop club and I was amazed
soooo many B-boys were actually gay!
and after that we went to a bar and
became friends with a realy cute american guy and he told me lots about their culture. interesting!!!

we sould definitly hangout when you come back!
| LiLy | 2007/05/14 12:08 PM |
| Lilyちゃんファン | 2007/05/15 10:05 PM |



| Lilytちゃんファン | 2007/05/15 10:08 PM |


| LiLy | 2007/05/15 10:19 PM |


| LiLy | 2007/05/15 10:19 PM |
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Gotta dress up and get ready for the night.
Tonight, we're goingo to a club in Nicho-me!
Can't wait to hang out with my new gay friends!
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