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| pappy | 2007/04/25 12:11 AM |
笑 おもしろい。
| may | 2007/04/25 1:21 PM |
面白い 笑
| minori | 2007/04/25 11:40 PM |



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| asdasd | 2016/03/23 9:16 PM |
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| | 2016/04/13 5:36 PM |
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| cc | 2017/04/13 12:29 PM |
Method one: give up sweets Any sugar water retention in the body and leads to the deposition of excess fat. Sugar is classified superfast carbohydrates which instantly increases blood sugar and lead to an overabundance of energy. And all the energy that is not metabolized from carbohydrates cells immediately deposited on the sides. This method will not only help get rid of the extra kilos, but also to overcome fatigue and improve skin condition.
Method two: reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates to 15-20% (1/6 ration)
These products include: bread and all cereals, pasta, sweets, pastries, cereal. More exclude them is not worth more than one week. Otherwise, turn the likeness of the Atkins diet, but it is certainly harmful. Carbohydrates - a good source of energy for the body, especially for people who train intensively. But even they should be enough simple carbohydrates such volume.
Method three: eliminate from the diet of all "liquid" calories
These include beer, wine, sodas (even if they are labeled "Light" and "sugar-free"), juices, fruit drinks, cocktails, coffee and tea with sugar.
All these beverages instantly raise blood sugar with all the consequences that have been described in the paragraph about the sugar. The "bust calories" is very easy. At half-liter jar of beer contains about 200 calories! However, they all go straight to fat, because they are absorbed quickly.
Method Four: arrange unloading 1-2 days a week This method does not only allow you to lose weight, but also improve health. The idea is that your body is resting on the endless digestion of food, spending more time and energy on your recovery. Plus you are fasting days significantly reduced caloric intake, so you will lose weight and more.
Method five: 2-4 weeks on a raw food diet I do not suggest you eat well for life, as some people do. Moreover, I believe that this is an extreme measure - to exclude from the diet of a number of useful products: legumes, cereals, eggs, fish and seafood. But, on the other hand, in the raw food diet have robust grain when used in life sometimes . Still, in its raw form, we have to have exclusively super poleznye Products: nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, cold pressed.
| How to lose weight fast | 2017/04/20 5:04 AM |
| chenlixiang | 2017/04/21 6:06 PM |
| 20170427caihuali | 2017/04/27 6:23 PM |
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